The Greer Earth Day Run is produced by the Greenville Track Club.

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FAQs and CONTACT Information

Can I register by mail or in person?

All registration is online at go-greenevents, except for late registration at Friday packet pick up. There is no mail-in registration.

Can I give my entry to another person, or get a refund?

If you are unable to participate, you may give your race number to another person. We do not give refunds or rain checks.

Can I register on race day?

No, we do not have race day registration.

Is discounted Group Registration available?

Yes, for groups of 15 or more. Contact the race director for instructions.

Do I need to register for the Kids Run if I’m running with my child?

No, only your child needs to be registered.

Do I need to register my child for the 5K if I want to take her/him with me?

Yes, your child needs to be registered if they are on the course.


Do I need to return my chip?

The chip is disposable but it can be RECYCLED, so please place it in the buckets provided at the finish line.

When will the race results be posted?

Race results will be posted in a designated area of the park after the Kids Run. Official results will be posted ON THIS WEBSITE as soon as they become available.

Who do I talk to if I have a question or issue about my race time?

Please check the official results once they are posted on this website. Often, the mistakes have been corrected by then. If a problem still exists, contact Scott Bagwell with go-greenevents at:

When and where will the awards be given out?

Overall and Age Group winner awards for the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon will be given out in front of the park fountain after the Kids Run.

Will awards be based on Gun time or Chip time?


Is there any prize money?

We don’t offer prize money, but the awards are NICE.


Where are the restroom facilities?

Portable toilets are at the start line and on the courses - at mile 1.5, 6 & 10.5 on the HM, at mile 2 and 4 on the 10K, and mile 2 on the 5K. There are portable toilets in City Park in addition to the permanent restrooms.

Where are the aid stations (water stops)?

Aid stations are at mile 1.5, 4, 6, 8, 10.5 and 12 on the HM course, at mile 2 and 4 on the 10K course, and at mile 2 on the 5K course.

Will the race courses be closed to traffic?

No, there will be traffic on the courses. The City police will control the major intersections during the race. Ultimately, it is the runners’ responsibility to keep alert and stay out of harm’s way.

How long will the race courses remain open?

The HM course will remain open for 3 hours, the 10K will be open for 2 hours, and the 5K will be open for 1 hour. Police may stop controlling the major intersections before the closure time. After closure, any runners remaining on the courses are on their own.


What’s going on after the race?

Stick around - there will be lots of things going on after the race. Make a stop (or two) at the food and drink tables to replenish your energy. Check out the exhibitors on the mall for running-related services and merchandise. Take your kids to the play area. Enjoy an adult beverage, trade stories with your friends, and don’t miss the awards ceremony!

Wheres the beer?

We’re still working on the details for the beer garden area. You will need to show proper ID and obtain a wrist band inside the park.

Where is the LOST & FOUND, and what if I LOSE MY CHILD?

The lost & found is at the GTC TENT near the fountain. If you lose your child, please go to the GTC TENT or contact a volunteer immediately and we’ll put out an APB and make an announcement on the PA system.

Where can I take a shower?

Sorry, there are no shower facilities on the premises.


Is the Earth Kids Run a competitive (timed) race?

No, the Kids Run is not a race. Every child is a winner and receives a medal and wristband.

How old does my child need to be to participate?

There is no minimum age. The maximum age is 14 years old.

Where does the race start?

The run starts at the fountain in Greer City Park. Kids will run once around the park and finish under the Earth Kids Run banner at the fountain.

Will my child get trampled by the bigger kids?

We will have a staggered start divided into age groups (5-under, 6-10, and 11-14) to avoid problems with bigger kids running over smaller kids.

Can I run with my child?

Yes, parents may run with their children.


If you have to cancel the event, will you offer a refund?

If we have to cancel on account of dangerous weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies, or other safety issues, we will not give refunds but will offer discounts for next year’s race.

Can I run with earphones?

We don’t prohibit them but we strongly discourage using them as they can prevent you from hearing other runners and (most importantly) traffic.

Can I run with a baby jogger? Can I walk with a baby stroller?

Running with a baby jogger is OK on the 5K, but discouraged on the 10K or HM on account of busier roads. Walking with a baby stroller on the 5K is fine but we ask you to stay at the back at the race start.

Can I run with my dog? Can I bring a pet inside the park?

No dogs or pets are allowed on the race courses or in the park.


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