The Greer Earth Day Run is produced by the Greenville Track Club.

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VOLUNTEERS HAVE MORE FUN at Greer Earth Day Run. In fact, four out of five race directors agree that volunteering as a sure-fire way to get happy, make new friends, laugh out loud, and get a warm fuzzy feeling all over. If it’s that great, you might wonder why people aren’t camping out overnight to get on our list. We don’t know! All we know is there’s plenty of room on our list for YOU. So sign up today to HAVE MORE FUN. Here are FOUR GREAT REASONS for joining our volunteer team:

HAVE FUN. Did we mention that volunteering is lot of fun?

MEET NICE PEOPLE. Joining our volunteer team is a great way to meet nice people, get involved and make new friends. Most folks realize the best way to meet and get to know people is through a group activity. We have TONS of group activities for our volunteers, so you will see a lot of new faces. Let’s just hope they’re not as geeky as the guy above.

CONTRIBUTE. Volunteering at Greer Earth Day Run helps our community! Last year, the Greenville Track Club donated over $50,000 to well-deserving charitable and nonprofit organizations in the Greenville area. We could have never done it without our great volunteers, so when you help us at our races, you’re helping us give back to the community.

GET A COOL SHIRT. Everyone knows if you run a lot of GTC races, you will have a lot of cool shirts to wear around. You can also collect a lot of nice shirts volunteering. At the Greer Earth Day Run, all our volunteers get a cool tech shirt with the handsome new logo. You will look smart and folks will want to know where you got that great looking shirt. Tell them they will have to volunteer at the Greer Earth Day Run to get one!

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